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Java (JDK) - 6.29
Eclipse - 3.7.1


The general description of the Java Client is coherent with Player/Stage general manuals. This page presents specific aspects of Java Client, tips/hints on specific uses of elements of the Java Client, etc. :

Javaclient Architecture (UML class diagram) [warning, big jpeg file]

Javaclient users list 2005 [warning, big jpeg file]

"The Javaclient 3.0 API" [html] - The API documentation automatically generated from the source files.

"Player Server Manual - CVS HEAD" [html] - The Player Server Manual, synced hourly with the Player SF CVS repository.

"How to..." [pdf] - A quick guide on how to create programs with Java Client (old, needs an update!)

"Java Client 1.0 manual" [pdf] - A documentation of the Java Client 1.0 by Esben H. Ostergaard. The main concepts of how to create a program are presented. Note that the manual covers only Java Client 1.0.

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